Rabu, 08 April 2009

To: Holy Spirit

You are the one in my heart, who reign over me, who always help me when I down. I know I'm so weak to face all kinds of problem. But, because you are my helper, my comforter, my power, I believe, the power of enemy which not be pleased try to destroy me by try to provoke me to against you.

Yeah, the enemy who is Satan try to deceive me through many things. Through people, through my weakness and all kind of funny things.

But, one thing I know, you'll never leave me, you know my weakness, you know that I never want to against you like Scribes , to cheat you like Safira and Ananias, never want to rebel or even hurt you.

Wish you LORD GOD, you'll never draw back your holy Spirit from me, because without you, I am nothing, I will perish, I will go to hell. Lead me always, remind me always what you've said in Bible. Please Holy Spirit, overcome my heart,my wicked mind, my weaknes. Heal me soon !

I won't deny or reject YOU. I believe, Satan will be ashamed if you help me. I want to humble my self, humilate my mind and my heart to serve You. There's nothing anymore can seperate me from YOU, you're real uncountable treasury of my life.

I want to act by your leading, I want to speak by your words, I want to testify about Jesus anytime by your help. Assuredly, Satan will be destroyed and run away after this. Holy Spirit, you're my lover in my heart. I will rejoice ! rejoice and rejoice like Paul apostle who once in jail.

Nothing can seperate me from grace of God, Jesus already died for me, already raise from dead to me, was pouring down HIS power by Holy Spirit to me, HE already sent the PERSON who really gentle and fill my heart. No fear anymore, only love, joy, peace and all other fruits.

This is my confession and my testimony.

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